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For first class Investigations, Consultancy, Solutions and more look no further

Actions Beyond Reproach

Our mission is to provide modern and effective investigations and security solutions that are second to none!


Special Programs investigative capacity is complimented by a number of specialist and covert investigative techniques to ensure a complete and thorough investigation. Our rates vary depending on the level and complexity of the individual job requirements.

Personal Protection/Driving

Special Programs Protection capabilities include everything from VIP Driver duties through full protection teams. What ever your needs we will have a solution.


Special Programs consulting can cover basic needs through to high complex security requirements including travel, protections and future planning. All of our consultants have a huge amount of experience from the Military, Law Enforcement and Security Sectors. Speak to us about your specific needs.

Property Services

Special Programs Property Services capability covers high end residential properties, and exceeds standard security services offered by most companies. Our services cover both security and property management services and can be tailored specifically for your needs.

Property Management

Special Programs Property management Provides so much more than just what the service suggests. We have a property management package that is right for you and can encompass security services as well as standard property management

Actus Irreprehensibilis

Actions beyond reproach, or actions that cannot be questioned. This is how we conduct ourselves at Special Programs Security. Any complaints against our staff are taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately. Our reputation is only as good as the service we provide, and the service we provide is strictly in line with our motto and our values.

Anything less will not be accepted.

Our staff are experienced in all areas of the services we offer and provide, with ex-Police and ex-Military  as Directors and Advisors of the company.

We will give you our honest expert opinion about whether we can fulfil your requirements and how we can go about best servicing your needs.

The team at Special Programs Security can provide you with a first class service.

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