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Respect, Integrity, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Equality, and Diversity

About the Company

Special Programs Security Limited is a specialist security company which offers high level security across a number of disciplines including Consulting/Assessing/Advising, Investigations and Protective Security. We are highly experienced in the areas of expertise that we offer and no job is ever over looked. Special Programs Security pulls experts in their field from a raft of different areas and works in conjunction with other companies to ensure a thorough and completed job is conducted. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. The company’s head office is located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty New Zealand.


Special Programs Security specialises in security across a number of specialised areas.


We conduct investigations across a broad range of topics and all our investigators are experienced and well skilled. As part of these investigations we are able to supply some specialist investigative techniques to assist in the best approach and provide the most thorough investigation possible.

Consulting/Assessing/Advising comes from a huge experience of Police, Law enforcement, Safety and Health, Security and other backgrounds. We can assess physical security, policies and procedures. Write policies and procedures and provide staff training. We can advise on matters from low lever security requirements through to large scale complex operations nationally and internationally.

Our protective security capabilities can range from VIP driver services, picking up and dropping off, permanent staff and security driving capabilities. We offer full close protection capabilities ranging again from just a suitably qualified driver, through to full protection teams and aides.

Part of this service also includes property protective services, aimed at the high end market for expensive assets that are left unattended for long periods.

Our motto “Actus Ireprehensibilis” means Actions Beyond Reproach and this is how Special Programs Security conducts themselves in line with our values, to complete the company’s stated mission, which is “To provide modern and effective investigations and security solutions second to none”

Our staff are experience, professional and willing to provide a service second to none.


For first class Investigations, Consultancy, Protection and more look no further.



Dwayne Morgan Dip Pol Prac, Cert CP, Cert Pol

Dwayne is the founder and Director of Special Programs. He comes from a variety of backgrounds and experience, having first joined the military in New Zealand in 1994 as a 16 year old.

He originally joined the New Zealand Navy where he was a Marine Electrical Mechanic and trained on the ship’s machinery as well as training with numerous weapon systems when he became part of the ship’s boarding and landing party. He eventually left the navy after a short time and joined the New Zealand Army.

Here he trained as a Communications Operator in the Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals and in 2001 he was posted to Signals Troop 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Group which is part of Support Squadron. Dwayne worked alongside these elite soldiers, deploying with them to Afghanistan on active duty in 2004. While deployed to Afghanistan he also worked alongside the U.S. Navy SEAL Team 2.

In 2005 Dwayne joined the New Zealand Police where he worked his way from a frontline response Constable through to being a qualified Detective. He worked as uniform presence on a number of ministerial protection jobs, worked as the Officer in charge of a number of high level serious crime investigations and specialised in running and controlling Human Intelligence Sources or Confidential Informants.

He trained and worked as a Public Order Policing member. He was frequently seconded as an acting supervisor in a variety of roles within Police including Front Line Policing, Public Order Policing, Traffic Safety, Investigations and others. In 2018 Dwayne left the Police to start Special Programs Security.