Special Programs offers a consulting and advising service for every security need. All our consulting and advising staff have extensive experience in the Military, Law Enforcement and Security Sectors and when you engage us for consultation you will be seen by the right person for your specific need.

We can consult and advise on any requirement that you may have including:

  • Physical Security

  • Personal Security

  • Travel Security

  • Site Security

  • Home Security

  • Business Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Risk assessment

  • Threat assessment

  • Vulnerabilities assessment

  • Preparedness advice

  • Response advice


Our assessments include a full written report tailored to your needs. These reports will cover all identified risks and offer solutions for these risks. S & H is an ever present requirement in business and assessments covering risk for a business asset in your requirements under the Act.

What ever your need, local, offshore, physical, technical, big or small we can give you a complete and in-depth consultation and offer solutions.

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