SPSL offers all levels of commercial and private investigations.


Examples of our investigation work include;


  • Criminal

  • Commercial

  • Fraud

  • Employment

  • Scene examinations

  • Statement taking

  • Matrimonial (unfaithful spouses)

  • Undercover operations (placement of investigators in companies or as required)

  • PPSR checks

  • Background checks and enquiries

  • Criminal history checks and vetting

  • Surveillance


We have many investigative capabilities including covert and overt. Speak to one of our experts about your specific needs.


Document Service

  • Service of documents for all matters i.e. civil, criminal, family, business etc


File Review

  • Text message analysis

  • Review of file to assist with avenues of enquiry

  • Give investigators perspective

  • Identify procedural issues


SP Consulting will consider any job no matter the size or type. Speak to one of our experts about your specific needs and how SP Consulting can help you.


All our investigators are previous Police Detectives and experienced investigators. We have contracted the services of accountants who are ex-IRD investigators and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).


Our investigative capacity is complimented by a number of specialist and covert investigative techniques to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.


Our rates are competitive and vary depending on the level and complexity of the individual job requirements.