Protective Security

Special Programs offers a  number of Protective Security options ranging from full personal protection capability for our clients, through to Property services and asset protection.



For personal protection we can offer everything from VIP Driver through Close Protection Teams depending on your needs. Our services include:

  • VIP Driver

  • Security Driver

  • Close Protection Officers

  • Close Protection Teams

  • Domestic and International Options

All our staff are suitably qualified in the areas as required with backgrounds from Police close protection officers through to ex-SF operators from the military. All staff for these roles come from a Police or Military background.


For our property services Special Programs offers a Property Protection capability to suit your needs. This capability covers both security and property management type rolls. Aimed at the high end of the residential market, our service is a combination of security services and property management and aimed at properties that are frequently vacant. If you own a holiday property that needs our services or if you are planning a long trip away and require your property secured we have a solution that will work for you.

This capability includes;

  • Property checks/patrols both external and internal

  • Collection of mail from boxes

  • Property maintenance

  • Yard-work and maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • Escort of Tradespeople on the property

  • Checks of alarm systems to ensure they are operating properly

  • Completion of post check report at a frequency as required by you

We can offer a range of services with these checks, all of our staff are licensed and vetted so you know that your home is safe with us. We can conduct visits and patrols as per your requirement and complete the services you require.

Let us know your specific needs and wants and we can tailor a package specifically for you.

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

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