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Hello to all followers and readers, this blog was originally going to speak about email scams and web based issues, but today, on 15 March 2019 New Zealand has been marred by a mass shooting in Christchurch.

Yes we are a company that makes money off security, but we are also humans and are people that in our previous roles fought against this type of offending. We here at Special Programs are shocked and dismayed at the senseless violence that has been displayed in this despicable act.

As a collective, we (humans) should all be condemning not only this, but all acts of violence. I am aware of the irony of a company who makes money from the unwillingness of humans to collaborate and work together to be saying this, but no matter who you talk to, a soldier, a police officer, a contractor, they should all be saying the same thing. "Our ultimate goal is for the wars and violence to stop, and for humanity to work as one". I for one always hoped that a person I arrested never offended again. As a Police officer I hoped that I could put myself out of work by making the offenders learn from their wrongs, as this would mean that peace and civility had prevailed. IS this not the world we dream of?

Unfortunately, humans will never achieve this, there will always be someone with an agenda, always someone wanting to gain power, always someone wanting something that others have, thus driving the thirst and greed that drives the abhorrent acts that humans commit on one another.

How do we keep safe? How do we ensure that these atrocities stop occurring? For most of us, we will walk through life with the worse thing occurring is having our letter box getting smashed, or our car being broken into, or perhaps our house. But what if you are threatened, what if you see threats given, what if you know of someone making threats or planning acts.

We have a belief in society that you cannot be protected if you "snitch" or that to be a "snitch" or a "nark" is the lowest form of life. Well, consider this, a member of your family is targeted in a violent crime and is seriously hurt, or worse is killed. You find out that someone you know, that you trust, can give information that will lead to the offender being caught. Are you happy for them to remain silent because they don't want to be a nark? Are you happy that a person gets away with an act of violence against your family just so someone can "save face" and not be labelled?

The short answer is, if you receive threats report it, if you hear threats report it, if you are aware of people making threats, or planning acts Report it!

Our world is full of inaction and reports of people who thought that some else would report something or deal with it. It s time that we as humans, started looking after each other and dealing with issues together.

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