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When most people think of protective security they envision a security guard standing outside a premises or perhaps even a mobile guard driving around and making checks on properties on behalf of a client. However the concept extends so much further, it includes Close or Personal Protection, Security Driver services, VIP Driver services and Asset Protection to name a few. The list is extensive and covers a wide range of services.

When one considers the higher end of the protective security spectrum, the staff contracted or employed for this level of work need to have appropriate backgrounds and training to ensure that you, as a client get the appropriate level of protection that you require. It should be noted that the required qualification to legally be able to conduct all protective security services in New Zealand is a one day course giving the required NZQA unit standards. A person can then apply to the PSPLA to obtain a licence or COA covering Property Guard, Personal Guard and Crowd Controller.

As a client you need to be concerned about the background of the people that are conducting protective services for you. If you have contracted people to provide static guarding services, any large security company will generally give you the service you require. However if you are after specialist services such as VIP Driver, Security Driver, Close/Personal Protection, Asset Protection, High End Property Protection/Management you need to ensure that the people that are assigned are from a specialised company or service, and have the appropriate background and training to suit the service that is being offered.

An example of appropriate backgrounds are:

· Military Special Forces

· High end Military combat trades (Recon)

· Police Special Tactics Group and equivalent

· Police Personal Protection Officer

· Police Specialist (CIB, POP, AOS)

· Military or Police with Specialised Training

Military and Police training teaches people restraint and appropriate responses to given situations. A lot of companies and individual will offer specialist Protective Services due to having a background in Martial Arts, or some form of fighting skill. This is fine to an extent, but many of these people can react inappropriately to a given situation. This is not necessarily due to being un-trained or aggressive people, but often due to a lack of knowledge of appropriate response to situations they can respond out of proportion to what is occurring.

A lot of people ask if specialist protective services are required in New Zealand. In my opinion the short answer is yes, but not to the extent perhaps of a large overt presence. The sight of people being driven around is not unusual, there is UBER, Corporate Taxi Services, and those that employ drivers also. An appropriately trained driver who has the background and skill to act as Security also can be employed as a Security Drive/Aid. This person can be a well-dressed covert presence for you who can act as an aid also, yet blends into the background of any situation whilst maintaining a tactical appreciation of the given environment. It should be noted however, if a company is offering cheap protective services at this level, you should be questioning their abilities and qualifications, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

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