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Technology is listening

Have you ever entered a government building for a meeting or an interview? For the majority of government buildings that have a reasonable security standard you will have to hand in any device that is capable of transmitting, in particular cell phones. A lot of people ask why this is, well, in answer to that I pose this question. Have you ever had a conversation with your phone nearby and Siri automatically activates?

Modern technology is always listening, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby to name a few, actively listen awaiting human commands. Some hardware such as routers, modems even devices themselves have backdoors built into them, so should you be concerned?

The reality is, if you have nothing to hide, who cares if your conversation is overheard? Even in an investigation where authorities are listening to communications under warrant, most of the conversations that are intercepted are marked irrelevant and never listened to again.

Technology is always tracking, listening, analysing, assessing. Facebook has complex algorithms in its programming to look at interests, clicks and other activity. This helps with things like friend suggestions, advertisement placement etc.

If you are wanting a confidential conversation or meeting make sure that you do not have anything that is capable of transmitting in the room where the meeting or conversation is taking place. In short, consider that all technology is listening and you will never have any issues.

This post is not to grow paranoia or suggest there is a conspiracy, it is just reality. We have nothing to worry about, but being aware of these things assists us in our decision making particularly around technology.

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