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Work Risk Assessments

· Is your organisation at risk?

· Are you and your team exposed?

· Is your facility safe during and post work hours?

· Does your team know what to do in the event of a ‘Critical Incident’?

· Have you got plans for a ‘Bomb Threat’ and do you actually know what to do?

· What do you do in the event of an ‘Armed intruder’ or worse an ‘Active shooter’?

· Have you got an Employee Assistance Program that works and is used, and have they met your team?

· Are these scenarios and/or types of critical incidents a possibility that you have over looked?

If you have not at least considered these things, ask yourself are you doing all you can to keep your team out of harms way? We often have plans in place, although they are there hanging on a wall, we overlook what would really happen if it all turned to custard.

If nothing else has come out of the tragedy in Christchurch, it is the knowledge that there are people out there that, given the right motivations, can and will find a means to cause harm to others.

Our team have heard a lot of comments following that tragic event, in that it was just a one off and that the new firearms laws will alleviate that type of threat. Fast forward to January 2020 and to the city of Tauranga, where two shootings in urban areas by armed persons using semi-automatic weapons have occurred and an armed incident in Taradale in the Hawkes Bay between two rival gangs has left communities frightened.

The Police response has been swift and decisive, and offenders have been held to account, however these incidents still occurred despite legislative changes. It does not matter what is in place, motivated persons will find the means to obtain the items they need to inflict harm.

You are kidding yourself if you think critical incidents don't happen, therefore training your team, building their resilience and giving them confidence will assist you when you need to liaise with emergency services, and in enabling you to return your organisation to business as usual.

Professional threat and risk assessments carried out by suitably experienced and aware specialists, can assist you in reducing the impact one of these events may have on your organisation. Experience counts when it comes to producing fit for purpose policies and procedures, done right they will give you tools to reduce the impact of this type of event on your team.

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