Special Programs Security​ offers a range of different services
Whether you require special investigations, close protection with our highly skilled staff or consulting in security planning we will have you covered!



Special Programs investigative capacity is complimented by a number of specialist and covert investigative techniques to ensure a complete and thorough investigation. Our rates vary depending on the level and complexity of the individual job requirements.

Protective Security


Special Programs Protective security covers everything from personal protection through property and asset protection. Whatever your needs we will have a solution for you.

Web Consultation

Special Programs Consulting and Advising can cover all aspects of consultation. We can also supply advisors for setting up of requirements and also solutions for our recommendations.



Special Programs Health and Safety Consulting allows you to get you workplace up to speed with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. All our work is peer checked so you know the product you are receiving is second to none